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A Quick Guide to Common Car Problems

Cars have a way of acting up when you least expect it – when you have an important meeting scheduled, just before you start off on your much-anticipated vacation, or when you are miles away from civilization. While there is no surefire way of anticipating every kind of possible car trouble, there are some common issues that can be avoided with the help of a few simple, well-timed precautions. Read on to know about identifying these and how to handle them.

Common car problems

Coolant Issues

This is one of the common car problems that affect the car engine and can manifest as your vehicle overheating, or its running too hot or too cold. The check engine light flashing, the temperature gauge showing unusual readings, or puddles of water under your car, all hint at coolant issues. Coolant leakage or a faulty thermostat can be the cause. Sealing the leakage and refilling the coolant is likely to resolve the issue or you can seek the opinion of a qualified mechanic.

Dead Battery

When your car doesn’t start, a dead battery is often to blame. Giving the battery a jump start with cables connected to another car battery is the quickest fix. But this is a temporary solution and the root cause of the dead battery needs to be addressed. Leaving the light on overnight or a cold weather spell can lead to this issue. Or, it might simply be time to replace the battery. Most batteries need to be changed between three to five years.

Not a Smooth Ride

If you are feeling every little rock or pothole you pass over, then it is likely that your shock absorbers are at fault. The shock absorbers could have developed a fault or they might be worn out and require replacement. If your car veers either left or right even when the wheel is held straight, it is an indication that the shock absorbers need replacement.

Faulty Sensors

Most modern cars develop issues with the sensors sooner or later. The most common problem issues are with fuel-air sensors. Given the fact that sensors are usually high-tech, replacing them can be a costly affair which you cannot avoid.

Steering Wheel Problems

Did you feel like your hands were vibrating while you were driving to work in the morning? If yes, then it is likely that the steering wheel is the culprit. Driving on uneven or rough roads can lead to an unbalanced steering wheel. In some instances, it can be due to a faulty steering rack. Balancing the wheel and resorting to getting wheel alignment done is likely to solve the issue.

Lock Malfunction

Yet another common problem seen in cars of all makes, there are some reasons why your lock may not be working. The battery in the fob might be dead, in which case, replacing it will resolve the matter. If the fob is malfunctioning it might be due to some mix up with the signal and you will have to go the dealership and get the programming checked. If there is some physical problem with the lock, a professional locksmith might be able to help.

These are some common car problems, yet they can prove quite stressful and expensive to diagnose and repair. However, this becomes unavoidable particularly when your car is your primary means of transport. Being diligent about carrying out regular maintenance and seeking professional help when required can help keep your car in excellent condition.

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