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Benefits of Keyless Locks

keyless locksHave you ever been locked out of your own home or car because of lost keys?

It’s very frustrating to wait before a locksmith arrives and help you with the situation. A few years ago, there was no way to deal with such situations or prevent it from happening in the first place.

However, today’s scenario is different. Modern technology now presents a lot of different remote accessed locks that eliminate this lost-key problem forever.

These advanced locks have setups that enable the user to open them without any key, generally, with a combination or a smartphone.

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits that come with these keyless locks.

Forgetting Is Not A Problem

Admit it or not, but everyone has gone through the situation when they get late and have to rush. In this rush, you sometimes forget to carry keys and even worst, forget to lock the doors.

So, you end up either with wide open front doors or unlocked doors, both problematic. Fortunately, some brands have locks with Wi-Fi compatibility which helps to get remote access to the lock from your smart device, allowing you to lock them up even in your absence.

No Hidden Keys

Usually, everyone in a family has a different time of arrival and departure. Obviously, they all need to have a key to enter the house which means that you have to find a common spot for hiding keys. The hidden key makes you more vulnerable to thefts and break-ins.

However, you can cut all the risk by installing a keyless locking system. You can just share then entry code with the family member, and you are good to go.

Damage Proof

With time and usage, keys get damaged. The damaged keys sometimes make it difficult to open the lock and even break inside the lock. Keys are also prone to rust and need regular lubrication.

Now, keyless system users face no such problem. There are no keys so no wearing of breaking. If you go for a hybrid system which supports both key and password, the key won’t be getting used very much, so it will last longer. Even if it breaks, a password is still an option to unlock the doors.

Simply Convenience

Imagine you are walking back from a grocery store with your hands full of shopping bags. You will probably have to keep down the shopping bags to access the home or vehicle door which may be many but definitely not convenient.

Fortunately, the keyless locks are highly convenient.  A simple press of buttons will be enough to serve the purpose.

Full Authority

This one is specifically for landlords and rental services. The keyless locks make it easy for both renter and the vendor to access the property. It will also cut the stress of lost key for both of them.

Just for the record, we are not suggesting the vendors, to invade the privacy of his renter but it can come in handy during emergencies.


Keyless locks are the future of home and vehicle safety. They are time-saving, easy to use and very convenient compared to the traditional mechanical doors.

Some latest keyless lock models also offer the facility to track in and out, of your property. It’s like a complete security system at your fingertips.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install keyless locks for your home or automobile and be a proud owner of such innovative gadgets. Racine’s Lock and Key can help in keyless lock installation in Racine and surrounding areas. Call us at (262) 509-0366 today!!

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