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Benefits of Keyless Entry for Your Home

keyless entryFor decades, the lock and key system are considered as the safety measure to secure home doors, business areas, and warehouses to those with authorized access. With the advent of modern technology, keyless entry systems have added significant traction among home users for their flexibility, increased safety options, and other added benefits.

Though the keyless entry system is more frequently found in cars and automobiles, they are becoming more and more relevant in homes as well. You don’t have to carry any physical key, and only your family who knows the password can enter the house, so it’s safe and simplified.

It is currently in trend because it gives the owner more control over the home and is convenient compared to carrying spare keys. Consumer products often use the keyless entry as a benefit for smart home entry systems.

Keys can be a pain

Digging around your door keys in your purse, pocket, or bag is a problem. With the keyless entry system, you don’t have to look for the keys wasting time and energy when you’re in a quick. The ease of a keyless lock allows you to get inside or outside your home more easily and swiftly every time. Most modern keyless entry systems also offer key cylinder replacement or backup that safeguards you even if the batteries are dying or when the electric power goes out.

No risk of being locked out

Another main advantage of the keyless entry is that you, your children, or your visiting family members need not worry about being locked out of the house. If you’ve left your car keys inside your home, you don’t have to bell the door or wait for somebody to let you in. You need to enter the correct code and walk right in. New keyless systems use fingerprint recognition (as used in smartphones) instead of a code, making it even easier for everyone in your house to enter and go as they like.

Keeping your home secured

One of the tips to remember with the keyless home system is to keep it protected. After installing the keyless entry, divide the codes for the different family members you want to access. You may wish to provide access control to kids who live outside the home or for hired help, such as a maid or nanny. These are useful in the situation where someone is no longer welcome in the house, and the code can only be removed for that person.

Customize your lock

Another benefit of the keyless system is that you can do new additional things with it. You can turn on your porch lights while trying to unlock the door, access the windows and door locks from a computer, and hide the system by disguising them as traditional doorknobs. You can also get as many remote controls as you want.


Traditional door locks can wear out as time passes. Whether due to heavy handling or rust, they can breakdown. With an automated lock, you don’t have to shake the keys in the locking unit every time. Press a button or touch your smartphone on the keypad, and your windows or doors will unlock itself.


Keyless entry systems are easy to assimilate with your current security systems. There are numerous objects you can connect to the system. From alarms to surveillance cameras, your keyless entry can keep you on top of your entire house. A keyless home entry system can also offer more features in a smaller package. A time-bound locking mechanism and programming is also possible through connectivity. Older traditional blocking systems do not provide this type of exposure.

The keyless entry system is a highly desirable system at this time for homes. Talk to the professionals at Racine’s Lock & Key to get your home configured with this current technology that will make it safer and more accessible for your family.


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