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What Can You Do to Improve Front Door Security?

front door securityDo you believe burglars would never target your home? If yes, you are living with a false sense of security. Like you, most people are mistaken that their homes are secure and intruders only target homes of rich people. They wake up when their or a neighbor’s house gets broken into and burglarized. Rather than being complacent, make burglars work hard for their living. Thwart them by improving the security of the front door. Here are some tips on how you can better your front door security.

Install Locks that Can Withstand Brute Force

You lock the front door before you go to bed or leave the house, thinking “the amulet [the lock] would ward off the thieves.” You are in for a big surprise if the lock installed on the door is of the ordinary type. Burglars can easily open such locks by picking, bumping, drilling, or kicking-in. Replace your ordinary locks with strong, secure deadbolt locks. For the front door, it is best to choose durable ANSI Grade 1 locks.  Such heavy-duty locks are designed for heavy usage and superior security, making them resistant to brute force. If your budget permits, you can install a smart lock.

Add Box Strike Plate to Strengthen Locked Doors

Installation of smart locks is just not enough to feel secure. Burglars are masters in kick-ins, and it will not take them more than a couple of seconds to crack the hardware that fastens the smart lock to the door frame. Frustrate them by using box strike plate that is made of heavy-duty metal and has four long screws, not less than three inches in length. It provides a metal reinforcement to the softer surface of the door frame. Moreover, the box strike plate gives the smart lock or deadbolts a stronger hold on the door, helping prevent forced entry through kick-ins.

Choose Entry Doors that Are Formidable

It is essential that the right material is used to make front doors so that burglars see them as formidable opponents. Front doors made of lighter, flimsy material are like an open invitation to the burglars – “punch me down and rob the house.” Choose doors that are made of solid wood, or at least has solid-wood core. Metal doors or metal-clad wooden doors are also good options for the entrance. Don’t use easy-to-penetrate hollow core doors or doors that have thin panels.

Don’t Obscure Your Front Door with Tall Shrubs

The wall of overgrown shrubs or tall trees, which almost hide the front door, can become a great hideout for thieves. They can lie in wait without any fear of getting caught and target your house at an opportune time; therefore, don’t plant any bushes that are tall enough to obscure the view between the driveway and the front door.

Monitor Front Door with Security Cameras

Security cameras deter burglars from marking your house as a target. Nothing scares them more than getting caught on cameras. Moreover, some security cameras come with a notification feature, which alerts the authorities in the event of a break-in. You can also install a digital peephole camera.


Burglars have become more sophisticated than ever before. You must undertake all the necessary measures to keep your home secure. If you are not sure where to begin, you can ask a professional locksmith like Racine’s Lock & Key for advice to improve your front door security.

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