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Can a Locksmith Copy a Broken Key?

Broken KeyKeys can break for any number of reasons. One of the most common causes for a broken key is when excessive force is used while the key is in the lock. This can happen with a house key and it can happen with your automobile key as well. The big question here however, is this – can a broken key be copied?

In most instances if sufficient number of pieces of the key is left, a professional technician or locksmith will be able to create a copy. Once the relevant information on the key structure has been collected, a full replacement can be created. The following are a few standard questions and issues on creating a copy of a broken key.

Is it easy to Copy a Broken Key?

In most instances a broken key can be copied and fully replaced relatively easily. However, as mentioned earlier, this is a job for a professional technician. If for example a part of the key has broken off in the lock, that piece will have to be retrieved before a copy can be created. A DIY enthusiast or someone without the technical expertise could further damage the broken key as well as the lock while trying to retrieve the piece. Even with all the pieces available, someone who is not trained sufficiently can create a faulty copy of your broken key. In each of these instances, you will be left with significant expenses.

How much will it Cost to Copy a Broken Key?

Costs involved in copying a key is a major concern for anyone. A simple house key copy will obviously cost you much less than an automobile key with a transponder chip. A transponder key will required programming and also include labor costs. If the key is broken inside a lock, and if the lock has sustained damage, you will have to factor in damage costs to the lock as well as costs for copying the broken key. In any situation, the ideal solution would be to consult with a professional locksmith with the requisite technical skills and tools to keep your costs of copying a broken key at a minimum.

Creating a Copy of a Patented Key – Is it Possible?

A professional locksmith with access to the required key blanks and tools is the person for this job. It is important to note that patented keys comes with several security codes or measures. Only a professional with the technical expertise on these issues will be able to create a copy of a patented key.

Can a Professional Locksmith Replace a Key FOB?

If you want a key fob replaced, a professional locksmith can do the job. If you want a new fob key then it will require programming a brand new key.A certain level of difficulty is to be expected based on the model and manufacturer when it comes to replacing a key fob which is why it is best to consult with a professional over this job.

Is it Possible to Create a Copy of any kind of Key?

Yes, a copy of any kind of key can be created. What you need to know however, is that certain keys come with special patented keyways and a limited number of licensed sellers have access to them. But if you have the key code card, then a copy of the key can be easily created using the key code card.

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