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Car key programming services in Mount Pleasant

Key programming in Mount PleasantIt was reasonably easy to start your car’s engine by putting the key into the ignition and turning it to jump start the vehicle in the old days.

However, modern-day vehicles are fitted with electronic microchip security systems that won’t let your car start if the microchip is not detected.

Even as the modern system is effective against theft and robbery, it’s not highly convenient if the key gets lost. You can’t start your car’s engine even if you use a similar key made by a locksmith. In such situations, you will need an auto locksmith expert who can provide car key programming in your area.

Key programming in Mount Pleasant

If you live in Mount Pleasant, having the contact information of a reliable key fob programming expert is handy – especially if you own an electric car. Our auto locksmiths are trained and licensed and offer safe, high quality key programming in Mount Pleasant.

Types of car keys that require programming

Since 1995, all vehicles require an immobilizer system that includes a transponder key with an electronic chip. With this system, the car engine starts when it receives the correct code from the key.

Here are the most common types of keys that may require reprogramming:

  • Car keys with remote fob
  • Car keys with an integrated electronic chip
  • Flip type keys + key cards

Some common questions related to car key programming

Do car keys before 1995 also require reprogramming?

If your car key is older than 1995, then it won’t require any reprogramming, and you can use a regular locksmith to create a car key for you.

How much time does it take to program a car key?

It depends on the individual locksmith and their ability to cut and program a new key. On an estimate, it can take between 20 minutes to an hour.

Why may it take longer to program some car keys?

Some keys are equipped with an added security layer, which makes it hard to reprogram them. Such keys require a PIN code before initiating the programming process, for which your locksmith needs a diagnostic machine to access the vehicle.

Can I reprogram a car key at home?

Car key programming requires expertise and precise vehicle diagnostics. That’s why you need an expert to clone your car key for you.

What is the cost of reprogramming a car key?

The cost of reprogramming a car key depends on your vehicle’s make, model, and year. It can start from $50 up to $200.

The reprogramming costs are high as the diagnostic and programming software are quite expensive. It’s always handy to phone an auto locksmith to get a price quote.

Can you reprogram a car key fob to another car?

It is possible to reprogram an existing key fob to another car, depending on the make, model, and vehicle year. Many newer car models are fitted with a transponder integrated into the electronic circuit board, making it hard to reuse it.

If you are looking for key programming in Mount Pleasant, give us a call at (262) 509-0366. At Racine’s Lock & Key, our auto locksmiths are highly experienced and technically skilled to program your car key. We can make a new copy if your old ones are damaged, broken or even lost.


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