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Signs that you need to replace your locks

Lock Replacement

Lock Replacement

Majority of the break-ins happen through the front door. That makes locks on your front door a high point of any home security system. As the first line of defense against possible break-ins and keeping your family and possessions safe and sound, you must invest in strong, durable and high performing locks.

However, you must remember that even the most robust lock-sets can fail to provide the desired security if they become damaged or weak with continuous use over the years.

Any issues with your locks will leave your home vulnerable to lockout or a potential burglary. It is, therefore, very important that you are able to keep an eye on the condition of your locks and address any underlying problem right away. It will help you prevent any inconvenient, frustrating and sometimes even dangerous situations from happening.

Signs that you need lock replacement

If you see any visible signs of wear and tear, like tarnish, rust or fraying, it is a clear indication that you should replace your locks immediately. Worn out or rusted locks can be easily broken or picked, hence a potential target for burglars. In addition, if you are finding it difficult to turn in the key or if the key is getting stuck in the lock, these are again warning signs that you must replace the lock as there could a problem with the internal assembly.

There can be many scenarios where you should consider changing locks, for example when moving into a new house, if you have lost your keys, if there had been a recent break-in attempt or you are separating you’re your partner who have a spare key to your house. But rekeying could be a more cost-effective solution to deal with these situations as efficiently as replacing the locks. The idea is to render the old key useless and changing the internal constitution of a lock in such a way that it now requires a new key to operate. Solves the problem at just a fraction of the cost. However, deteriorating condition of your lock, whether due to constant use, rough use or any damage to the lock, means replacing the lock is the only solution.

Tired of keeping a tab on the spare keys? Worried about unauthorized key duplication? You have a knack of misplacing your house keys? Well, installing digital locks is the solution to all these problems.

Digital or keyless locks are easy to install and come with a range of useful features. These locks will free you from using keys and keeping them safe all the time. you can program your own unique password that will give you fast access without having to struggle with a bunch of keys. You can also create a temporary, time-bound password to provide easy access to your friends or even maintenance people while you are away. This password will remain valid for only a specified time and will expire after that. Digital locks definitely provide improved level of security as well as convenience for homeowners.

Lock Installation Services in Racine

Call Racine’s Lock & Key at (262) 509-0366 for new locks installation, lock repair and lock rekeying services. Our residential locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in installing and repair of all kinds locks whether it is standard deadbolt, bump proof high security locks, keyless deadbolts and mortise lock systems.

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