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Locksmith or Dealership? What’s Your Choice?

For many of us, misplacing car keys is a daily occurrence. But sometimes, you actually lose them for good. When that happens, your life’s main concern becomes, “how to get back into my own car?” And you obviously want a quick solution. Both the dealership and an automotive locksmith can help you. Locksmith or dealership? Who to call?

Locksmith or dealership

Calling the locksmith, however, can get you back on the road more quickly than the dealership and even cost you less. Here are the four reasons why it is better to call the locksmith and not the dealership when you lose your keys.

24 Hours, 7-Day Service

Dealerships are usually open for fixed hours only. Local locksmiths, on the other hand, provide services around the clock, and on all days of the year. If there is an emergency late in the night, and you urgently need replacement keys, it is best to call the locksmith. They are known for effectively solving lock and keys-related issues even at an ungodly hour. At the dealership, after the closing time, no one will be there to answer your call. On this one, there is no clear choice whether you should call locksmith or dealership.

Locksmiths Can Come to Your Location

You cannot drive the car if the keys are lost, broken, or if there is an ignition issue. So, how would you drive it to the dealership? They may offer you the best auto services, but they rarely agree to come to the spot where you are stranded with your car. You may have to get your car towed to the dealership or visit them personally with all the documents. Both are highly inconvenient and time-consuming ways to get replacement keys. It is not the same case when you enlist the help of automotive locksmiths, as they offer mobile services. They will reach you wherever you are stranded as quickly as possible, with their technical expertise and tools. 

Quick Response Time and Quick Service

You cannot expect dealerships to offer prompt service. They will take at least a week to give you the spare keys.  Do you have the time to wait? Not probably, because without the car, you cannot go to work, drop your children at school, run errands, or attend important meetings. If you want to get back into the car in hours and not wait for days, you will have to rely on the services offered by the locksmiths. Unlike dealer stores, locksmiths exclusively handle lock and keys issues, so they have an efficient process to make spare keys, and quicker turnaround time as well.

Locksmiths Charge Less than Dealerships

Dealerships’ services are not cheap. You will have to pay an exorbitant amount for the replacement key. Locksmiths are most likely to provide the same quality service at a much reasonable cost. 


Both the locksmiths’ and the dealerships’ services have their pluses and minuses. But, for example, when you call the locksmiths from the highway late in the night, they will come to help you there in no time, quickly examine the car make and model, make the spare keys without compromising on quality, and charge you a fraction of the cost of the dealership. Mechanics at the dealership are unlikely to drive their van to the highway to help you or make replacement keys late in the night.

It is best to choose locksmiths over dealership when you have lost your car keys, as their services promise quality, convenience, and affordability, not to mention timely roadside assistance for replacing car keys or transponder keys programming services.

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