How to Prevent Lock Bumping

Lock Bumping

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we are totally secure once we lock the door. After all, your locks are doing their job, right? All you have to do is twist that little piece on your doorknob and no one can get in without the magical key. What if we told you that anyone with an internet connection and a few bucks could get into your home? Scary, right?

But it’s true and this method of forced entry is called “lock bumping.”

What is lock bumping?

Back in the day, before the internet, locksmiths used this technique to easily get into a locked door. The locksmiths were gatekeepers, so to speak, having access to a specially cut key that could be inserted into the lock and then “bumped” by a tool, like a screwdriver, to force the lock open. In those good old days, this technique was a quick way back into a locked door for trusted professionals.

What’s changed? A lot it seems!

With the help of internet, now anyone can get a hold of those specially cut keys which can get access to a many type of conventional locks. This method is also called “999” method and has become a common technique employed in burglary incidents and other criminal acts.

Why should I be worried?

  • Easy access to technology and resources means anyone can make bump keys.
  • If you are using conventional pin tumbler locks (and most people do), your locks are highly vulnerable to this manipulation.
  • The process is simple, doesn’t need special expertise or practice and takes only a few seconds.
  • When one of these special keys is used, you can’t even tell if someone’s forced their way in. Talk about a nightmare! It takes additional investigation to prove to insurance companies that your locks were tempered with.

Great, so how do I feel safe again?

If you’re like us, you take your personal safety very seriously. While the news that someone can get into your home can be jarring, the good news is that there are a number of preventive measures that you can take to curtail lock bumping.

First and foremost, call a locksmith over to do an inspection. It is possible that your locks are already “bump-proof.” There’s no way to know for certain unless a professional takes a look. Chances are that your locks will need some additional security measures. A professional locksmith can install special pins to make manipulation much harder.

However, to be completely safe, you can have an extremely inexpensive bump-proof deadbolt installed or you can swap out your vulnerable locks for high-security replacements. There are plenty of new locks available on the market these days that are virtually bump-proof and can’t be easily manipulated. High security locks offered many benefits when it comes to providing more protection. These locks are sturdy and can’t be easily picked, bumped or drilled. Installing these locks also ensure that no one can make copies of your keys without your permission.

You can call Racine’s Lock & Key if you are looking to change your standard locks with high security locks. We specialize in installing all types of locks and security system to help you make your residential property safe.

In addition, keep your door clear of debris or shrubbery as this ensures the burglars won’t have potential place to hide themselves while they are waiting for a right opportunity to get access. Adding lighting at strategic places also helps to deter the burglars. Adding an extra layer of security by installing a robust security system, for example a security camera and a light with a motion sensor, also goes a long way in warding off potential intruders. A security camera also provides solid proof that your house was actually broken into.

If there is a proliferation of such incidents in your neighborhood, it would be a great idea to start a neighborhood watch. The important thing to remember is that people who utilize lock bumping, more often than not, do not want to be caught in an altercation. So, any preventative measures that lower their chances to be successful and make their job harder will most likely send them packing.

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