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How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

Motorcycle theftIf you are the proud owner of a sleek motorcycle, it is likely that the possibility of your prized possession being stolen has crossed your mind more than once! The ways and means by which motorcycles get stolen are way too many to list. From joy riders to petty thieves to professionals, there are a large number of people out there just waiting to lay hands on a motorcycle that is not legally theirs.  According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), more than 44,000 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2017. California, Florida, and Texas topped the list of states with the most such motorcycle theft while Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki motorbikes were the hot favorites with motorcycle thieves during the same period.

While there is no foolproof way of preventing motorcycle theft, there are a good number of precautions that you can take to minimize the risk of your vehicle being stolen. Here’s how.

Lock It Up

Securing your motorcycle with one or more types of locks can prove an effective deterrent to prospective thieves. You do not have to be a locksmith to know how to use these two common kinds of motorcycle locks:

  • Disc locks – With or without an alarm, these locks are affixed to the front disc brake of your motorcycle and effectively immobilize the vehicle. They can be used in combination with other locks and most models are accompanied by reminder straps to prevent you from riding off without removing them.
  • Cable locks – Similar to the locks used on bicycles, you can tether your motorcycle to a stationary object such as a post or railing with these. They are not too expensive and are best used along with other security measures.

Park Wisely

Being smart about where you park your motorcycle might be the difference between keeping it and losing it! Some things to keep in mind to avoid a motorcycle theft while parking are to stay:

  • Within Range of a Security Camera – Though not an extremely strong deterrent, a security camera that is visible can dissuade a lot of thieves from executing their plan. It will require them to take greater precautions to avoid detection on camera and can prove especially effective in thwarting spur-of-the-moment theft plans.
  • Behind an Obstruction –While parking your motorcycle, see if you can place it behind another vehicle such as a car if it’s in a garage or a dumpster when in a public parking lot. The extra effort required to access the motorcycle can be sufficient to put a damper on the best laid plans of motorcycle thieves.
  • In Full View – Park your motorcycle in a highly visible spot or a spot where it is directly in your line of sight. And if it is evening or night, try to park your motorcycle in a spot that is well-lit.

Boost Security

Technology offers you some security methods which can come in quite handy in safeguarding your prized possession. They include:

  • The Kill Switch – Some motorcycles come with a kill switch and you can also have one installed if yours doesn’t have one. Using a kill switch makes the motorbike inoperable until the key sends a signal to disable it.
  • A GPS System – While this is not a deterrent to thieves, they can act as an early warning system and also help you or the police track down your motorbike if it goes missing. Having a GPS device that alerts you to your bike’s movements and can help you prevent theft by warning you the minute your bike starts moving.

While this might seem like you are being over cautious, it is also not a good idea to assume that your motorbike is secured well. Be on your guard, especially when at places like races, motorcycle gatherings, and other such crowded occasions.

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