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A quick guide to home automation

Home AutomationThe basic idea of home automation is based on providing remote access from a mobile device to control home appliances and devices or systems. The owner of a “smart” home can remotely control the lighting system, different appliances, heating and cooling systems, electrical outlets as well as the alarm system which includes smoke detectors, any kind of sensors, locks, and surveillance system.  These devices and systems are linked to a remotely controllable network which is quickly expanding to include a wider number of devices and appliances.

Home Automation could make your Life Easy

Automation allows you to set time-specific commands for each of your devices and systems. So for example, you can program your home automation system to unlock the doors at a specific time to allow access to cleaning services or the dog walker and lock it again once they leave. From a home security perspective, you could set up your home lighting system or the sprinkler system outside to go off anytime the security alarm is triggered unlawfully. The scale and scope of use of automating your home is extensive!

Remote Monitoring and Access in Home Security

Remote monitoring and access is another important aspect of home automation. Homeowners can now use their mobile devices to connect with the home network and keep an eye on their homes while on the go or if they are away from home. Using your smartphone or tablet you can easily control the these devices which include any and all of the devices connected to the system. As mentioned earlier, this includes your home security system.

Even if you are away from home, you can easily check on what is happening at your home in that exact moment or access a more detailed account of happenings at your home. If you are a parent or you have a pet at home or even if you have an elderly parent living with you, you can tap into real-time video feeds to check up on your loved one even while you are away.

Worried that you left in a hurry and forgot to turn off the lights or properly lock the doors? Remote access allows you to quickly monitor the status of your home which means you can reset or adjust the lighting or lock and unlock doors instead of having to drive all the way back or having someone else check the status of your home. The possibilities are endless!

Devices that can be connected within the Home Automation System

Any device which can connect to a network can be automated and remotely controlled. Typically, home automation connects simple binary devices such as the lighting system, electronically managed locks, security sensors, and power outlets. However, if you include devices that are connected to the Internet, this process gets a massive boost as these devices can then connect with the network and control the system itself.

While the home computer controlled the earlier systems, today monitoring and programming is divided between a specifically designated device and an app interface which links up and allows access through either a mobile device, PC, or any Internet-enabled device capable of connecting with the network.

The “smart” devices market is exploding amid the growing demand for these devices among even ordinary households. And as life gets busier and busier, home automation is set to gain prominence as an easy way to “smartly” manage a house.

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