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Why is my car key remote not working?

car key remoteA car key remote adds to your convenience by controlling features like locking, unlocking, and opening the hood of your car. Apart from its utility, a remote also enhance your vehicle’s security.

It becomes a frustrating issue when it stops functioning and you’re left stranded. The most common reason is a dead battery, but there are countless other factors as well.

Before figuring out what’s wrong with your car key remote, do this:

If your car key remote suddenly stops working, try unlocking your car with a backup remote. If the backup remote is working, it means the problem is in your primary remote. However, if the backup also doesn’t work, the problem is in the car security system.

Reasons why my car key remote is not working

Dead Batteries: As mentioned previously, a dead battery is the most prominent reason for a non-functioning remote. The remote has a small transmitter, which is responsible for sending radio signals to your car. Once the battery inside the remote dies, it makes the transmitter non-functional.

Broken Internal Contacts: If your remote has gone through a lot of wear and tear, chances are that its internal circuitry is not working correctly, causing it to become malfunctioned. Sometimes internal battery contacts wear out, and with a minor repair, it can become functional again.

Damaged Transmitter or Receiver: Your car remote has the transmitter while the receiver is in your car. If there’s any damage to either of them, you can’t use your car key remote. So make sure you call an expert to check the real issue.

What to do when your car remote is not working?

If the reason behind a faulty remote is a dead battery, then you can easily purchase a new one and make the replacement.

However, sometimes even after replacing a battery, the remote won’t function because it has to be effectively paired with the car’s receiver unit to start working.

To reprogram your car key with your car’s security system, here’s a basic procedure you can follow:

  • Enter the vehicle using a backup remote/key and close the door.
  • Insert the key in the ignition without starting your vehicle – slightly turn the car key to the run position and back continuously.
  • If you hear a chime or any other sound, quickly press the lock and unlock buttons on your car key remote. After a while, you will hear a second chime, which means you have successfully paired your car key remote.

Call an Expert if nothing works

Even after following the steps mentioned above, your  remote is not responsive; it means it has some internal damage, causing it to malfunction.

The best solution is to take your car to a professional automotive locksmith like Racine’s Lock & Key, who can either repair or replace your current car key remote. You can reach us at (262) 509-0366.

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