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Lost your keys to your office or a shop?

Rented Property

How to make rented property more secure?

By admin | Oct 21, 2017

If you are living on a rented property, there is little you can do to when it comes to making changes to door locks or installing security systems. More often than not you rely on the security arrangements, sometimes bare minimum, provided by your landlord. How do you get your peace of mind? How to…

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Licensed Locksmith

Why you should hire a licensed locksmith?

By admin | Oct 14, 2017

Locked yourself out of your home, car or office? Need to install new deadbolt locks? Well, we all need locksmiths for a variety of reasons. But make sure you are picking a licensed locksmith to service you, even if it is for a job as simple as getting your house locks rekeyed. Benefits of hiring…

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Electric Strike

Everything you should know about electric strike locks

By admin | Oct 7, 2017

Electric strike locks are electromechanical locking device, where the traditional strike plate is replaced with a modified version that works with the help of electricity. An electric strike consists of a movable cavity (also called keeper) that receives the latch bolt when the door is closed. When the strike is electronically activated, the keeper swivels…

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emergency locksmith scams

Warning Signs of Emergency Locksmith Scams

By admin | Sep 30, 2017

Emergency locksmith scams are becoming increasingly common throughout the country. These scams usually happen when you are locked out of your home or vehicle and look out for an emergency locksmith in your area. The idea is to trap you with a ‘too good to be true’ service fee over the phone and then jack…

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high security locks

Benefits of Installing High Security Locks

By admin | Sep 21, 2017

With criminals getting innovative and advancing their technologies to gain access to your property, standard locks and keys aren’t cutting it anymore, making your home and business more vulnerable to break-ins. If you are looking for better security, it is time to consider other options that aren’t as easy to manipulate. Your locks, especially on…

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Locked out

Locked out of car?

By admin | Sep 12, 2017

It has been a super busy day at work and finally it is time to go home. You walk towards your car only to find that you have lost your car keys. Or perhaps you have accidently left your keys inside the car. Locked out of car? Don’t panic. Call your local locksmith for help.…

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Local locksmith number

Save the number of local locksmith in your area. Today!!

By admin | Sep 5, 2017

Lost your keys? Locked out? Unlike situations when you want to get new locks installed or get an upgrade on your existing locking systems, here you would like to get locksmith assistance right away. And most likely you want to call a local locksmith in your area. But what would the best way to do…

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Worst Places to Hide Spare House Keys

By admin | Aug 27, 2017

A spare house key a very convenient tool to have. It comes super handy in a lot of situations; for example, when you lock your regular keys inside the house, lose your keys or have broken or damaged keys. Another very important reason is when you need to hand over an extra pair of key…

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Lock Rekeying

When is lock rekeying a good idea?

By admin | Aug 19, 2017

You have lost your keys. You are landlord renting out your property to a new tenant. Maybe you have just brought a new house and moving in a few days. You have just separated from your spouse. What is common in all these scenarios? Most people fail to realize the importance of lock rekeying in…

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