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Lost your keys to your office or a shop?

Home Automation

A quick guide to home automation

By admin | Sep 3, 2018

The basic idea of home automation is based on providing remote access from a mobile device to control home appliances and devices or systems. The owner of a “smart” home can remotely control the lighting system, different appliances, heating and cooling systems, electrical outlets as well as the alarm system which includes smoke detectors, any…

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front door security

What Can You Do to Improve Front Door Security?

By admin | Aug 29, 2018

Do you believe burglars would never target your home? If yes, you are living with a false sense of security. Like you, most people are mistaken that their homes are secure and intruders only target homes of rich people. They wake up when their or a neighbor’s house gets broken into and burglarized. Rather than…

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How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

By admin | Aug 17, 2018

If you are the proud owner of a sleek motorcycle, it is likely that the possibility of your prized possession being stolen has crossed your mind more than once! The ways and means by which motorcycles get stolen are way too many to list. From joy riders to petty thieves to professionals, there are a…

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Deadbolt lock

Choosing Deadbolt Locks for your Home – What You Need to Know

By admin | Aug 9, 2018

A good door lock set is one of the most crucial aspects of securing your home against intruders and burglars. In addition to strong door locks and an alarm system, installing a deadbolt lock can provide your home with an added layer of protection. One of the reasons why a deadbolt lock is effective to…

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Broken Key

Can a Locksmith Copy a Broken Key?

By admin | Aug 2, 2018

Keys can break for any number of reasons. One of the most common causes for a broken key is when excessive force is used while the key is in the lock. This can happen with a house key and it can happen with your automobile key as well. The big question here however, is this…

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locked out of your car

What to Do When Locked Out of Your Car?

By admin | Jul 28, 2018

Being locked out of your car is every driver’s worst nightmare come true! It doesn’t matter how careful you are about your keys, the odds that you will lock them in your car one day are quite high. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), more than four million people lock themselves out of their…

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New Home Security

How to Ensure New Home Security?

By admin | Jul 23, 2018

Have you thought about new home security? Moving into a new house, especially if it is one that you have had your eye on for a long time, is an exciting prospect. You are sure to have thought of all the ways in which you can decorate your house and give it a signature style…

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prevent car theft

How can you stop car theft?

By admin | Jul 16, 2018

Do you know your car is a hot target for thieves? They can steal it from virtually anywhere, including from your driveway or a parking spot. It will take them a few seconds to disappear with your most valuable possession. And, if you think car thieves are only attracted to luxury cars and will not…

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New Home

Buying a New House? Hire a Professional Home Inspector

By admin | Jul 7, 2018

So, you are on the verge of owning a brand new house – one that has recently been completed or is still being built. It is natural to be excited at the prospect of getting to live in the house of your dreams, shopping for furniture and appliances, and settling into a new phase of…

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