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Lost your keys to your office or a shop?

emergency lockout

What to do in an emergency Lockout?

By admin | Feb 23, 2019

An emergency lockout can happen to anyone. But it can be downright frustrating when you are stuck with a broken or lost key. Or when you have accidentally left your key in the house or car and find yourself stranded. It’s not a nice feeling and its certainly a situation you want to get rid…

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Smarrt locks

How Smart Locks Can Make Your Life Easy

By admin | Feb 8, 2019

Worrying over a lost house key is becoming an old history with modern house owners preferring secured automated smart locks over the traditional lock and key. Smart locks make it possible for smart homeowners to combine functionality and style into one. What Is a Smart Lock? Smart lock is just another technology invented to rescue…

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duplicate car key

Can a locksmith duplicate car key without the original?

By admin | Feb 1, 2019

Lost your keys? Don’t have a spare to help you in this hour of need? Well, a spare can help save money and efforts in getting a duplicate car key made from your car locksmith.  While it is always an easier process if you have an original key, making one without the original is often…

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key replacement

What to Look for When Going for Car Key Replacement

By admin | Jan 31, 2019

It’s so easily done, you put your phone down, then you walk around a bit more, put your car keys down, and they’re lost. You can’t work out where they are, and eventually you decide to get your car keys replaced. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when going for car…

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Need to Repair Locks? Call a Professional Locksmith

By admin | Jan 23, 2019

We find locks everywhere around us; our homes, offices, facilities, etc. These access control systems provide us with peace and security, but they wear out with time, and need to be repaired or replaced eventually. Some DIYs are great, but they do not even come close to replacing a professional approach to repairing locks and…

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mobile locksmith

Fast Mobile Locksmith in Oak Creek?

By admin | Jan 9, 2019

Fast mobile locksmiths make life easy for everyone. As professionals specially trained to deliver solutions to all types of lock problems, you are only a call away from fixing any house, car, business, or other facility lock problems. Every security system needs mobile locksmiths because they provide you with the following: 24/7 service. This means…

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spare house key

4 Reasons You Must Have A Spare House Key

By admin | Jan 2, 2019

The importance of spare house keys cannot be overemphasized. If you own a home, you definitely need spare house keys for convenience, security, to prevent scenarios where you are locked out, and for a whole lot of other reasons. Why do you need a spare house key? To prevent inadvertent lockouts That rainy day would…

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Locksmith or Dealership? What’s Your Choice?

By admin | Dec 25, 2018

For many of us, misplacing car keys is a daily occurrence. But sometimes, you actually lose them for good. When that happens, your life’s main concern becomes, “how to get back into my own car?” And you obviously want a quick solution. Both the dealership and an automotive locksmith can help you. Locksmith or dealership?…

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How Thieves Use Code Grabbing Devices?

By admin | Dec 7, 2018

Electronic locks and key fobs are not something new. These are heady days of IoT and all things digital, even door locks are getting smarter. However, these keyless systems come with their own risks. If you are someone who forgets their keys often, an electronic smart lock might feel like the answer to your prayers.…

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