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Lost your keys to your office or a shop?

Panic bars

Benefits of installing panic bars for your business

By admin | Aug 12, 2017

Also known as crash bar or exit device, a panic bar is basically a spring-loaded metal bar that is installed horizontally on the inside of the door. When pushed, the bar allows the door the door to be unlocked and opened outward, facilitating fast and organized evacuation. That’s why you will notice that panic bars…

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car key replacement

Why Hire a Locksmith for Car Key Replacement?

By admin | Aug 2, 2017

Okay, so you have lost your car keys. Or maybe you are stuck with broken or damaged keys.  Not happy about it? Probably this is an understatement. Let’s put it this way. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you don’t have any spare key to get you going. So, what are you going to…

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New Home

5 ways to make your new home secure

By admin | Aug 1, 2017

So, you have packed all your belongings, got the new house painted and professionally cleaned, checked for any leaks and got the internet connection. You have even made plans with your family and friends to take care of your kids on that day. Well, it seems you have planned out every major and minor detail…

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Home Security

4 Home Security Statistics You Should Know

By admin | Jul 26, 2017

While thinking of a potential burglary may be uncomfortable, it’s absolutely necessary. A burglary happens every 15-18 seconds in the United States, but the good news is that you don’t have to be just another victim. The tips in this article will help you get important insights in terms of what makes your home a…

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What is a Transponder Car Key?

By admin | Jul 18, 2017

One of the biggest advances in car security is something so small that it easily fits into the palm of your hand: the transponder car key. Since 1998, car manufacturers started adopting this technology across the board. You’d be hard pressed to find a vehicle that doesn’t employ this technology that was manufactured after this…

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New home security

5 Easy Ways to Secure Your New Home

By admin | Jul 12, 2017

Moving into your new home? Be ready to experience all sorts of emotions ranging from excitement to stress and anxiety. It is not just the whole lot of packing and unpacking but there is a never-ending check list to follow to make that your transition to the new home is seamless.  But how much have…

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Smart Lock

What is a smart lock?

By admin | Jun 27, 2017

Whether it is phones, TV, cars or home, it seems everything these days is getting smart. So, how could be locks far behind. But what is a smart lock? It basically means a lock that doesn’t require a regular physical key to lock or unlock your door. These systems sync with your smart phone to…

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Ignition Lock

3 Ways to Detect A Faulty Ignition Lock Cylinder

By admin | Jun 21, 2017

You ever get in the car and try to insert the key into the ignition lock only to find that it gets stuck or won’t go in? Or, worse, you turn the key to find that the car isn’t starting?  These can be terrifying experiences, especially if you need your car to reach office or…

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Spare Car Key

4 Reasons You Need a Spare Car Key

By admin | Jun 14, 2017

Car keys have a knack of getting misplaced, accidentally locked into cars and breaking off in ignitions. The short and simple fact is that you can’t just rely on having one key and it’s super easy and cheap to get a backup! All you have to do is visit your local auto locksmith and get…

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