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Lost your keys to your office or a shop?

New Home Security

How to Ensure New Home Security?

By admin | Jul 23, 2018

Have you thought about new home security? Moving into a new house, especially if it is one that you have had your eye on for a long time, is an exciting prospect. You are sure to have thought of all the ways in which you can decorate your house and give it a signature style…

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prevent car theft

How can you stop car theft?

By admin | Jul 16, 2018

Do you know your car is a hot target for thieves? They can steal it from virtually anywhere, including from your driveway or a parking spot. It will take them a few seconds to disappear with your most valuable possession. And, if you think car thieves are only attracted to luxury cars and will not…

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New Home

Buying a New House? Hire a Professional Home Inspector

By admin | Jul 7, 2018

So, you are on the verge of owning a brand new house – one that has recently been completed or is still being built. It is natural to be excited at the prospect of getting to live in the house of your dreams, shopping for furniture and appliances, and settling into a new phase of…

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business doors

How to Secure Your Business Doors?

By admin | Jun 26, 2018

Intruders or burglars do not walk inside your office through open doors. They are experts in picking a lock and can break into your office on a whim; and walk out the door after stealing your money, merchandise, and valuable data, causing considerable loss to your business. However, intruders are less likely to select your…

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locked out of home

How to Avoid Being Locked Out of Home

By admin | Jun 19, 2018

You are in a hurry because you want to reach work on time, be at an appointment, or do one of a hundred other things. So, you rush to get dressed and zip out of the house in record time. But the minute you turn on the ignition of your car, you realize that you…

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Car trunk

Can’t Open Car Trunk?

By admin | Jun 12, 2018

In a parking lot, you are standing next to your car rear with your arms full of shopping bags, all set to open the car trunk. You insert the key or use your remote trunk opener, but the lock won’t turn. A few minutes later, all the shopping bags are on the ground, and you…

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Baby proof cabinets

How to baby proof cabinets?

By admin | Jun 5, 2018

Watching their baby crawl for the very first time is one of the most precious moments in the life of a parent. However, it also makes you anxious for the safety of your baby. The last thing you want is for your baby to come into contact or touch potentially harmful materials or worse to…

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Security grilles

What to Look for In Security Grilles?

By admin | May 30, 2018

While most of us pay attention to the front door security – installing deadbolt locks, high security locks, digital peephole and security camera – windows security often take a back seat. Needless to say, unprotected and unlocked windows make it extremely easy for a burglar to strike your home. You have an extremely effective, low-tech…

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deadbolt lock replacement

What to Ask Before Deadbolt Lock Replacement?

By admin | May 15, 2018

Deadbolts are an affordable solution to safeguard your home from burglars or forced entry. Security experts believe that installing a high-quality deadbolt lock on both the front and back doors of your house is the key to making your home secure. There could be situations when you need to replace your lock. So, what are…

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